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Company Overview
BrandNew Tech, the laser diode company, manufactures high-power diode lasers and systems in a wide range of output powers and wavelengths including fiber-coupled, stack bar lasers and plug and play laser sources.
Established in 2005 and cooperated with Institute of Semiconductors Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University,Today, over 60 technicians and 2 scientists,20 of them are PHD degree. Production site is 1000Class Lab Clean Room with 5000sqm.Turnover per year is more than 20M USD with 30% increasement year after year.
BrandNew 's strengths are in talent employees, quality engineering, process control, product development and volume manufacturing.
Core Competency
◆Diode Packaging ◆Beam Shaping ◆Reliability Testing ◆ Efficient Cooling

What we do:
◆ Power from 1mW to 10KW
◆ Wavelength from 266nm 808nm 905nm 940nm 976nm 1550nm 1940nm 2100nm to 4000nm
◆ Working Mode: CW QCW Pulse
◆ Fiber Core from 8um 10um 50um 62.5um 105um 200um 400um 800um

◆Fiber Coupled
◆Single Emitters
◆Single Bars
◆Vertical Stacked
◆Horizontal Stacked
◆Plug and Play Laser Source

◆ Medical/Beauty/Hair Removal Machine
◆ Pumping
◆ Illumination/Night Vision
◆ Industry/Material Processing
◆ Printing/Scanning
◆ Scientific Research
◆ Military/Defense

We export to Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, Middle East, UK, France, Italy, Turkey,India and also many other countries.

Hangzhou BrandNew Technology Co.,Ltd.
Street: B1506 Ruiding Mansion,No.200 Zhenhua Rd,Westlake Tech Park
City: Hangzhou
Postcode: 310030
Country: China

Tel: 0086-571-8898-7800
Fax: 4008-266-163 Ext. 04750
Skype: david.hangzhou18
Whatsapp: 0086 189 5807 2096
QQ: 8361 2374
24Hours Mobile Service: 0086-189-5807-20961W 830nm Multimode Fiber Coupled Diode Laser factory

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