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By fish61fi
Diamond mounted point and diamond burrs was designed for you to shape, grind and finish your project with precision. These burrs can file glass, ceramics, tile, brick, wood, fiberglass, stone, rock carbide, gold, platinum, silver, plastics, metals and any solid surface. It is recommended to use water as a lubricant when using these burrs. When the job or project is complete, the compact case provides convenient organization and storage of your burrs for future use. all sizes,shapes,assortments are upon your specific request.kit assortments of mounted points&burs are flexible.
We are so proud to introduce ourselves as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of durable sharp high quality cost-effective diamond burr in China. The offered durable sharp high quality cost-effective diamond burr is professionally processed under strict quality control and management system. You can rest assured to import quality products made in China from us.China grinding stone suppliers

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